Man accused of threatening to kill son following dispute with wife over game of Yahtzee

A father from Mayville, North Dakota, has been charged with felony terrorising after he allegedly threatened to kill his 9-year-old son if the boy didn’t call 911 following a drunken fight betewwen the man and his wife over a game of Yahtzee. Brian Cutshall, 40, pleaded not guilty on Thursday in Traill County District Court to a single count of Class C felony terrorising.
According to documents with the charges, Traill County sheriff’s deputies were dispatched at about 2:34am on Dec 18 to an address in Mayville on a report of a scared boy who called to report a domestic dispute that became physical. The boy’s mother also got on the phone to report she was hit in the head with something, dispatch told deputies. When deputies arrived, they spoke with Cutshall, whose cheek was swollen and marked with red, and who was slurring his words and hard to understand.

Cutshall, smelling strongly of alcohol, angrily denied hitting his wife with anything, court documents allege, and said she hit him in the face with an empty wine bottle. A deputy then interviewed Cutshall’s son, who told them he came downstairs and found his mother on the floor with a bloody nose. The boy told the deputy he went upstairs to bed when his parents began arguing while playing a game of Yahtzee. When he heard screaming, he went downstairs. When a deputy told the boy he did a good job by calling 911, he said his father told him if he didn’t call 911, he was going to kill him, documents state.

The deputy asked the boy if his father was being hit by his mother when he threatened to kill him, and the boy replied yes. Deputies interviewed the boy’s mother, who also smelled strongly of alcohol and had red marks on the left side of her neck, documents state. The woman, slurring her words, denied hitting Cutshall, said there was no wine bottle, and said she didn’t recall Cutshall hitting her. The boy said his father put the empty bottles in the sink, which was where the deputy discovered an empty 40-ounce bottle of beer and an empty bottle of Boone’s Farm wine. The boy was taken into protective custody.

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