Father jailed for throwing son at policeman

A man has been sentenced to 15 months in prison after he threw his nine-month-old son at a policeman. Officers were about to arrest the 42-year-old man in a garage in southern Sweden when he threw his own son at an approaching policeman.

“The child went in a loop in the air,” one of the officers. As luck would have it, the alert officer managed to grab hold of the child’s leg mid-air, preventing the infant from hitting the ground with only centimetres to spare.

Previously, the Ystad District Court had thrown out one of the charges against the 42-year-old, but the court of appeal overruled the lower court, finding there was a significant risk that the baby could have hit the floor and been seriously injured.

Following the appeals court ruling, the man’s sentence was increased from 12 to 15 months in prison for endangering his child’s life. The 42-year-old had previously left Sweden after the initial court ruling, but was arrested in mid-December and extradited in accordance with a European arrest warrant.

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