Parent shopping for sex toys left baby boy in parked car

Michael Cegers and Jessica Hurley-Smith

A Wisconsin couple are facing misdemeanor charges for leaving their baby boy in their parked car while they shopped for sex toys in northern Illinois. It is clear from outside that Lover’s Lane is not a family-friendly store. There are neon signs with words like ‘lingerie’, ‘fetish wear’ and ‘sexy’ in the windows.

According to a Libertyville Police report, (pdf), the young parents told police they left their nine-month-old son in the car because ‘no one under the age of 18 is allowed in the store.’ The father, Michael Cegers of Kenosha, is 18 years old. The mother is 20-year-old Jessica Hurley-Smith of Pleasant Prairie. “They were taking their time in here,” a Lover’s Lane employee said.

“They were just kind of walking around, looking at everything. What’s also alarming about that is they weren’t in any hurry to go back out to their car.” Hurley-Smith told police she did not leave the car on with the air conditioning running because it is ‘unlawful to leave a vehicle unattended with the engine idling in Wisconsin.’ The parents seemed to be in a hurry when questioned outside the mother’s home. They would not stop to answer questions when approached by a reporter.

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Cegers and Hurley-Smith sped away in the same Toyota Corolla named in the police report. The report says their baby boy survived after spending a sweltering 20 minutes in the car without air conditioning. “The message needs to get out there that this is never okay. It is very dangerous,” said Dr. Beth Griffin, an emergency room physician at Wheaton Franciscan St. Francis. “They can be overheated very, very quickly to point that’s dangerous and even deadly.” The parents are due in court on August 2.