Mum lost her pants and police found her bong

A naked Florida man told police he did not have a romantic relationship with the 46-year-old woman, who wasn’t wearing pants. He said he met her strictly for intercourse. The naked man also told Port St. Lucie police on December 1 that he thought a 43-year-old woman, who also wasn’t wearing pants, was the devil. Those were among the statements the 26-year-old naked man made in a case that also involved blood, vomit and apparent drugs and alcohol, according to a recently released police report. Police went to an address on Southeast Anchor Lane at around 3:30am after the naked man apparently knocked on another man’s door and asked him to call police.

Police found the naked man walking in the home. A woman without pants stood by the door, and a second woman without pants was in a car. The 43-year-old woman in the car wore a single shoe, and her other shoe was in the grass. Vomit was on her shirt and the armrest, and blood covered her shirt and hands. She gave changing accounts of what happened. She first said she had a few drinks at a bar, and did “acid and stuff.” “When asked if she had taken any other drugs, (she) stated, ‘I smoke marijuana just about every day,'” the report states. She couldn’t remember what happened after leaving the bar, and didn’t know where she was. “(She) next began to speak about how everyone was drunk and then started making incoherent and absurd statements that did not coincide with questions she had been asked.”

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