Woman threatened to lick neighbour’s noisy children

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Police in Champlin, Minnesota, say a 38-year-old woman was arrested and has admitted sending anonymous threats to a family that said she wanted to taste and lick their children. Police say the woman was upset because the children made noise and left items in her yard. Carrie Pernula was arrested on Friday and faces possible charges of gross misdemeanor terroristic threats and stalking. Word of the threats spread quickly through social media and neighbours say both they and the family were terrified.

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The first anonymous threat arrived on Sept. 27 by mail. The two short sentences said: “The children look delicious. May I have a taste?” The family lives in a Champlin neighbourhood and they have two elementary school students. Terrifed, they called the Champlin Police Department and posted on a Champlin community Facebook page, saying in part, “Opened our mail today to this letter. Obviously my stomach started doing somersaults.” Then, the family began to receive magazine subscriptions.

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“Instead of a name on the address label it said things like ‘tasty children’ along those lines,” Champlin Deputy Police Chief Ty Schmidt said. Champlin police traced the magazines and last Friday arrested Carrie Pernula. Police say she admitted to the threats. “She was angry because the kids were leaving things in her yard and I think being a little noisy, being kids, the way kids are,” Schmidt said. The neighbourhood is full of families with young children.

Word of the threats spread quickly on social media and families were terrified for their children. Pernula was released from jail on Monday and is believed to be back at her home. Champlin police say its disturbing someone would create such fear. “In this case they went way beyond the bounds of what should be done,” Schmidt said. Pernula, when confronted by investigators, admitted to sending notes and magazines because the children at that house were “always putting stuff on her porch.” She has not been charged. The Champlin city attorney is reviewing her case.

Man steals snake – leaves son behind

A MAN could be facing charges after police say he stole a snake at a pet expo and left his son behind. Exhibitors at State Fair Park in Wisconsin said they were just starting to pack up on Saturday night at the Great Lakes Pet Expo when the incident happened.

Cindy Steinle runs the reptile exhibit and said a volunteer was showing a corn snake to a boy when the boy’s father walked off with the snake. “In the 20 years I’ve been doing education like this, we’ve never had someone steal an animal and leave a child behind,” Steinle said. “He (the volunteer) had given the snake to the child to pet and to hold, and the child handed the snake off to his father and his father left, leaving his child behind.”

Organizers said the snake is only worth about $40 so they were baffled by the theft. State Fair Park Police said they were able to track down the man and the snake. Police said when they found the man, he had a pillowcase on him that officers could see was squirming. Capt. Jim Bruno said that’s how officers knew they had their man. “The pillowcase was moving, we pretty much knew we were zeroing in on what we were there for,” Bruno said.

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Officials said Child Services did get involved and the boy is back with his mother. “We didn’t want the child in exchange for the snake so thankfully the child is back home and the snake is with us,” Steinle said. State Fair Park Police said once they end their investigation, the case will go to the District Attorney’s Office for possible charges.

Mum lost her pants and police found her bong

A naked Florida man told police he did not have a romantic relationship with the 46-year-old woman, who wasn’t wearing pants. He said he met her strictly for intercourse. The naked man also told Port St. Lucie police on December 1 that he thought a 43-year-old woman, who also wasn’t wearing pants, was the devil. Those were among the statements the 26-year-old naked man made in a case that also involved blood, vomit and apparent drugs and alcohol, according to a recently released police report. Police went to an address on Southeast Anchor Lane at around 3:30am after the naked man apparently knocked on another man’s door and asked him to call police.

Police found the naked man walking in the home. A woman without pants stood by the door, and a second woman without pants was in a car. The 43-year-old woman in the car wore a single shoe, and her other shoe was in the grass. Vomit was on her shirt and the armrest, and blood covered her shirt and hands. She gave changing accounts of what happened. She first said she had a few drinks at a bar, and did “acid and stuff.” “When asked if she had taken any other drugs, (she) stated, ‘I smoke marijuana just about every day,'” the report states. She couldn’t remember what happened after leaving the bar, and didn’t know where she was. “(She) next began to speak about how everyone was drunk and then started making incoherent and absurd statements that did not coincide with questions she had been asked.”

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