Grandma locks kids in rickshaw cage for school run

WHEN grandmother Ma Wen takes her two granddaughters on the school run in southern China she locks them in an animal cage strapped to the back of her pedal-powered rickshaw.

Ma, 67, says it’s too dangerous to allow Youyou Lin, four, and little sister Tiantian, two, to sit in the open cab as they weave through heavy traffic in Liuzhou city.

“So instead I bought this cage from a pet shop and had it fitted to the bike,” she explained. “We get some funny looks but the girls are safe and they can’t fall out when they’re locked in there.

“If it gets too sunny or the traffic fumes are too thick, there’s a big curtain there to protect them,” added Ma. “They’re safer here than they would be on a school bus and at least I know exactly where they are,” she said.

Ma Wen kids 2 Ma Wen kids 1 Ma Wen kids

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