Young child left at daycare nursery because staff mistook her for a doll

A father who arrived at a Chicago daycare nursery to pick up his one-year-old daughter found the building shuttered 15 minutes before closing on Monday.

Toddler abandoned at daycare nursery after staff mistook her for a doll

Then Cornelius Jones heard screams through the locked door at the All Things are Possible for Kids centre and called 911. Firefighters forced entry, but couldn’t find little girl, Journee, in the dark nursery. “I was wondering where is she, where is she?” Jones said. “I hear her, but I couldn’t see her.

“And one of the police officers flashed a light to the left and flashed it back to the right and that’s when I saw her crawling towards us screaming and my heart just dropped.” Journee’s mother, Quanesha Borum, said the day centre director apologised to her, but gave an explanation that she found unacceptable.

“She told me that they thought Journee was a doll, but she’s not that little to be a doll, so it’s some excuses,” said Ms Borum. The Department of Children and Family Services is investigating the incident. Jones now wants the nursery closed. “If anything, it should be shut down. I mean nobody leaves kids behind, toddlers. I don’t care how old they are, that’s dangerous,” he said.


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