Daughter bites woman over fried chicken row

An 18-year-old woman was arrested after reportedly biting her mother during a domestic dispute in Bethlehem, Barrow County, Georgia. Deputies arrived at the residence and found a “visibly upset” woman in the carport.

The woman, according to the incident report, had a “severe bite wound” on her shoulder that was bleeding. The bitten woman said she was trying to determine who had eaten some fried chicken. The woman explained that when she tried to ask her daughter, Laura Wun Ngai Fong, about the chicken, Fong turned up the music and ignored her.
Laura Fong

The woman said she yelled for Fong to turn the music down, but Fong continued to ignore her. At that point, the woman “went close to her daughter to yell at her about the music and the chicken.” Fong, according to the report, then grabbed a dumbbell and threatened to hit her mother with it. A physical altercation ensued during which Fong allegedly bit her mother on the shoulder. Another daughter separated the two until authorities arrived.

Based on statements from the parties involved and witness accounts, the deputy determined Fong was the primary aggressor for having picked up the dumbbell and turning a verbal argument into a physical confrontation. Fong was placed under arrest on charges of family violence aggravated assault and family violence battery.

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