Applebee’s kick out noisy family who are then warned by police

Noisy family
The parents of Ryan and Ethan Gau say they feel “heartbroken” and “disrespected” after being kicked out of an Applebee’s in Gaty, Texas, over their children’s behaviour. Eli Gau and his wife Lillian Maliti took their 3-year-old and 1-year-old sons there for dinner on Sunday night.

“They’re kind of active,” Gau said. “They act like children. They’re not adults.” When his three-year-old wandered off, Gau went to get him. “As I was grabbing him and coming back, the manager was walking to me,” said Gau.

Crim trespassingGau said the manager told him that the children were making too much noise, and then called the authorities and told the entire family to leave. When they walked outside, they were confronted by a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy, who gave them a notice warning them for criminal trespassing.

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The restaurant, that markets itself as a “family-friendly” place, has apologised for the incident. An Applebee’s spokesperson said the management team had mishandled the situation. The restaurant also invited the family to come back and offered them free passes for dinner, but Gau said his family will not be returning. “I feel very sad,” Gau said.

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